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Jules Pillow | Granite

SKU: JUL-GT-1220
Sale price$136.00

More options in Jules:

American yarn, woven and sewn in U.S.A.

100% upcycled material, with no PFC's

Water-free dyeing process

Easy, beautiful layers.

Our curated woven pillows make it easy to create a rich, inviting, textural pillowscape. (They're also bleach-cleanable.)


"We recently ordered a pair of Folio pillows for a very discerning client. The quality is excellent and the design is beautiful."

Shelby | Dorset, VT

"Our pillows came today and we love them! The inserts are very high quality, too."

Deirdre + Salvador | Oakland, CA

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the pillows I ordered. The prints are beautiful and I will definitely be back for more."

Jennifer | Sudbury, MA

"We love that there are so many size options, it definitely makes it easier to source for our clients."

Sinclair + Grant | Dallas, TX

"The way the zipper is sewn in and the seam match is almost invisible. I almost thought it didn't have a zipper!"

Jenna | Modesto, CA