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With over 10 years of service to interior designers, we support your account directly from our studio, with beautiful, unique materials and prompt, professional service to match. We are known our service and care.

Trade Discounts

Enjoy discounted rates across our entire range of fabrics, workroom-made pillows, and wallpapers.

New! Free Samples!

It's been a long time coming, and we're so excited to offer this! Members can now sample up to six styles free each time they log in with us.

Easy Quotes + Orders

Easily sample, quote, get shipping rates, and place orders hrough our website, using your Trade login.

Pillow Workroom

Streamline logistics with one-stop fabrication and let our workroom make your pillows! All fabrics by the yard can be made into pillows (in 9 sizes!).


A few of our longtime accounts include: