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About Us

Beautiful materials for inspiring spaces.

Feeling at Home.

A beautiful home isn't just about what goes inside, it’s about how you feel when you look around. We understand the importance of feeling right about these decisions, and feeling supported while you create your vision. We strive to make beautiful materials you will feel truly good about sourcing.

10 Years of Trust.

With ten years serving the interiors community directly from our studio, Susan Connor combines artistic vision with deep understanding of the home design process, and offers an alternative to the anonymous, off-the-shelf, and mass-produced; one that is carefully designed, professionally presented, and made-to-order by our workroom, just for you.

Meet the designer:

Susan is a lifelong creative and a self-taught pattern designer. Passionate about making beautiful things, diversity, history, empathy for others, and life's simple pleasures, she lives in Manhattan with her boyfriend, and adores life in her ever-changing and vibrant city.