Our work begins with a vision for detailed print
that feels elevated, intentional and special.

About Susan

Susan Connor is a self-taught pattern designer and artist with a habit of meditating on beautiful details and indulging in creative practice. An NYC resident since '06, she is constantly inspired by her vibrant home, it's energy, abundance and style. In 2015, after a career in branding and design, she took a hiatus to explore her nascent ideas in fabric print. This year-long quest to realize what she was seeing in her mind's eye led to the creation of a new, super-intricate style of block-printing, developed using engravings of her own design and special manufacture.

Work and Studio

Over time, Susan's artistic desire to pair the ornate with the essential has become a signature...and a business. Since the early days in a 100 square foot Bushwick studio, our work has grown to include a range of fabrics in two weights, made-to-order pillows, and wallpaper; serving hundreds of designer accounts who have become our beloved clients (and friends). Still, our designs remain rooted in the original processes; love of detail, a search for beauty, and the blending of elements that feel inviting and special. As a business in the home decor industry, we combine our artistic vision with the qualities of a great vendor and offer an alternative to the anonymous and mass-produced––one that is carefully designed and professionally presented, yet lovingly made.

Portrait by Carey MacArthur