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Pairings for Freedia Bluebell

For Sharon:

Hi Sharon! We would recommend the following prints to pair with your Freedia pillows. We've listed blue ideas up top, then some neutrals below. Our new Curated Wovens might also be of interest, they are textured solids that pair beautifully with any of our prints.

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Lacuna Pillow / Azul
Lacuna Pillow / Azul Sale priceFrom $118.00
Pilar Pillow / Bluebell
Pilar Pillow / Bluebell Sale priceFrom $118.00
Pilar Pillow / Blue Overprint
Pilar Pillow / Blue Overprint Sale priceFrom $118.00
Madu Pillow / Lake Oyster
Madu Pillow / Lake Oyster Sale priceFrom $118.00
Ilu Pillow / Lake Natural
Ilu Pillow / Lake Natural Sale priceFrom $118.00
Myriad Pillow / Lake Oyster
Myriad Pillow / Lake Oyster Sale priceFrom $118.00
Pilar Pillow / Dune
Pilar Pillow / Dune Sale priceFrom $118.00
Madu Pillow / Sand Natural
Madu Pillow / Sand Natural Sale priceFrom $118.00
Pilar Pillow / Kohl Natural
Pilar Pillow / Kohl Natural Sale priceFrom $118.00
Madu Pillow / Kohl Natural
Madu Pillow / Kohl Natural Sale priceFrom $118.00
Tierra Pillow / Natural Light
Tierra Pillow / Natural Light Sale priceFrom $118.00
Celeste Pillow / Natural Light
Celeste Pillow / Natural Light Sale priceFrom $118.00
Jules Pillow | Limestone
Jules Pillow | Limestone Sale priceFrom $118.00
Jules Pillow | Granite
Jules Pillow | Granite Sale priceFrom $118.00

Dream in Detail.

Every SC textile is available as fabric by the yard or in made-for-you pillows, so it’s easy to add beautiful details to your space and bring your design dreams to life.