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Wallpaper Overview

We've designed our wallpaper to enhance your space, not to overcome it. With soft colors, rhythmic patterns, beautiful modeled backgrounds, and carefully developed details, we hope our wallcoverings will be a perfect fit for your creative visions.

See a PDF of our installation guidelines here.

Find our wallpaper calculator for rooms or single walls here


Wallpaper is pre-pasted, needing only water to activate it's glue. All rolls have white borders and are printed with trim/join marks. These white borders help to protect it from damage during shipping, in case it is dropped. 

We recommend professional installation with table trim. For a double-cut installation, we recommend special-ordering your wallpaper with no trim/join marks and an overlap (see above). 

Wallpaper is made-to-order with a lead time of 1-2 weeks. We strongly recommend ordering all of your wallpaper at the same time. We make every effort to ensure color consistency across print runs, but for the best results, it's always optimal to order for a single installation in one order, so you get a match between rolls.

Our papers are sold by the single or double roll.
Double rolls are $420 each
Single rolls are $210 each
A combination of lengths can be ordered depending on the needs of your space.


Rolls are made to order and ship within 1-2 weeks of receipt via UPS, with tracking and delivery confirmation. Tracking information will arrive via email once your order has shipped. Transit time is dependent on your distance from our production facility and studio on the East Coast. Susan Connor NY cannot be held responsible for missing or lost items if the item has been carrier-confirmed as delivered to the correct address. Swatches are shipped via First-Class mail, untracked.


Once your order has shipped, we will send you a tracking link via email. Customers who have registered with our site can simply log in and click on an order number to obtain instant tracking details.


Our wallpapers ship on a roll, in triangular protective boxes. We've determined this is the best way of protecting your product, and the most economical way to ship to you.