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Lacuna Fabric / Kohl Natural

# LAC-KN-3654
Sale price$158.00
Linen Type:
A subtle, basket-inspired motif, Lacuna was designed to bring depth to your space on it's own, or layered with other prints.

Close to home: Domestically printed in U.S.A.

Good Ground: Sustainably grown, 100% Belgian Linen

Watershed Friend: Zero wastewater printing techniques

Standard or heavy?

About our ground weights:

Standard is a smooth weave with beautiful flow. Used for pillows, drapery, romans, and lighter upholstery. Heavy is woven with thicker yarn, for a slightly textured appearance and more heft, it's often specified for upholstery.

Image: Standard at left, Heavy at right.
Fabric shown: Ilu Kohl Natural.