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Coming Soon: Fabric Yardage

Posted: Jun 20 2016

The launch of my first group of yardage fabrics is almost ready to reveal. It's taken a long time, but behind the scenes, I've been hard at work to make fabric a reality, and to get the designs, production, and materials to mesh in a way that retains the beauty, authenticity and detail of my hand-printed work and the delicate strength of our intricate geometric patterns. It's finally "there", and I could not be more excited to share the designs with our interior design and trade customers, our retailers and our direct customers.

It's been interesting to work at a larger scale, and it was a challenge to create designs that will be versatile enough to work as smaller soft home goods, like pillows, as well as larger uses, like upholstery or drapery. 

For now, most of the new styles will be kept under wraps til launch, but above is a sneak peek of one of my favorites, "Patra", which features a versatile geometric print that is at once edgy and earthy. Patra has a bohemian soul that sings with energy and movement, and was partly inspired by modern dance. I can't wait to share more about inspiration behind this design and all of the new styles that are coming down the pipeline.

We'll be sending out a newsletter when the styles are live and available here, and if you're interested in learning more, you can sign up below. Or, of course, follow along on insta, where I'll be sure to post the launch.