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Why Do We Have Things: Interview!

Posted: Mar 02 2016

I'm very honored to have been a guest on this week's episode of "Why Do We Have Things", Rita Mehta's incredible podcast, which examines the nature of the stuff in our lives, our creativity, the modern currents in conscious consumerism, and the lives of American designer/makers.

Rita herself is a unique blend of blog editor/writer, design thinker, and experienced retail strategy and product design maven, whose blog, The American Edit, has been a longtime favorite of mine...not to mention an inspiration while I worked to build my business from the start. She continually explores new ground and does the important work of celebrating, supporting, and looking more closely at American brands - very often women-owned ones. 

It was a treat to be a part of Rita's newest invention, and as always, to enjoy a conversation with her. I hope you'll check out the interview, subscribe to Why Do We Have Things on itunes, and enjoy the episode. XO SC