Think Pink! New Styles

Today we're officially debuting two fresh designs, in a beautiful new hue I am calling Rosedust, because it's a non-traditional pink– think sunsets and clay, not Barbie–with an earthy soul. Taza, shown at the top here, is an intricate design featuring a soft, geometric block print. The block that's used to make this design is incredibly detailed, and that results in it's gorgeous, foggy texture once transferred to the cloth.

Susan Connor Taza Pillow

The second design, which appears below, is a new print called Bola. This style is something totally different - inspired by the idea of new aesthetics at the intersection of beauty and strangeness...It's a new favorite of mine, and certainly unique. As an  artist, I always try and push boundaries, and I am really proud of this new design - because I simply haven't seen anything remotely like it.

Both of these styles are available in each of our four versatile sizes, and are also as swatches, find out more here.  XO SC