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Sample Some: New Swatches!

Posted: Feb 04 2016

It's been so busy in the studio that this post is a bit later than intended. But, nice news to share! We now offer swatches of every single style of our items. 

Interior designers know that requesting swatch memos is the best way to really get a sense of the choice you are making, when you select textiles for your home, and I've wanted to offer this option for a long time, since it is so very helpful when planning a space.

When you sample from us, expect to receive a beautiful package in the mail - we take as much care in sampling as we do with sending our products...for many of our buyers and designers, it's the first introduction to our brand and designs, and we want it to be a delightful one.

More info on our Swatching Service is available here- shipping on swatches is free, and any swatch is completely refundable when you make a purchase in that style. I hope you'll enjoy this option.

That's all for now- much more news to come soon! XO SC