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Soon: Shop Swatches!

Posted: Jul 20 2015


One of my priorities in running this company is not only to make beautiful, singular items, but to make it easy for our you, our customers and shoppers, to find the perfect piece for your space. 

We've been providing our interior design customers and some of our retailers with swatches for a while now. They're a fantastic tool, and vital if you are going for a specific look in your space. And, very soon, we'll be launching our swatch offering in a bigger, more organized way that I hope will be really helpful to all of our clients and customers; swatches will be available through our website!

Interior designers will enjoy swatches at their trade discount rate and free shipping on all their swatch orders, and direct (retail) shoppers will be able to put their swatch purchase toward the price of a finished item.

To be notified when the program launches, simply join our mailing list below, and/or follow us on instagram; I'll be sending word as soon as we're ready. Interior designers may order swatches now, email info@susanconnorny.com for details!