What Inspires: Circa

The patterns that make up our collection have a special subtlety owing to the design and printing process, but did you know that each one is inspired beyond just it's "look"? One of my goals, with each design, is to actually have the pattern motif itself convey something that can be felt by our customers, almost like a symbol that represents an idea.

Our new design, Circa, first appeared in my mind as a circle. As I worked on the design, more and more, it started to represent a sun, a radiant shape. As I saw the design really begin to emerge, I remembered a pin my mom used to wear, a small, beautiful replica of the Aztec calendar. Together, we used to marvel at the intricacy of the symbol, when she would wear it.

Why it was this idea speaking to me? I began to research circles and radial shapes in art history. There is such a rich tradition of the circle/sun shape... The more I looked, the more beautiful and subtly different interpretations of this idea I found...

The western "Sun of Knowledge", Aboriginal carvings of sun and creation myth at once, and Buddhist Mandalas...all use a radial circle. In a way, these ideas are so diverse...yet they are not that far apart.

The resulting design is a beauty you can get lost in. Reading as a faded, organic polka-dot  from a distance, the closer you get, the more the details work their magic. Available in four versatile sizes of pillows or as a throw, I hope you'll love this style, and find a calm, beautiful energy in it's radiating forms...just as I did when I looked at my Mom's Aztec pin, so long ago.