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Five (pins) for Friday

Posted: Jun 05 2015

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing five (OK, six!) images that I found particularly inspiring this week. I've never really considered myself a social media person. But lately, I do feel like I'm finding my way on it a little better than I had (thanks in part to a new camera lens!)

The big exception, in terms of social for me is Pinterest. It's a tool I use often, and rabidly. While I don't pin a lot of things, what does make it onto the boards are things I find incredibly inspiring, and often, through the day, I go back to look on them and see...just WHAT is it about these things that I love? 

A beautiful, mysterious face, relaxed tomboy style, a spoon of perfect form, and a Viking cross....a very easy diy headboard idea. You can find all of them here; along with lots of other inspirations. Granted, the best inspiration in life is just getting out and living, and doing what you like to do...which I hope to do lots of over le weekend, and beyond! Enjoy & happy weekend! XO SC