Beautiful Things

I've been wanting to share these ancient musical instruments for a while...they come from all over the world; Switzerland, China, Madagascar...actually, these were the inspirations for my most recent wall hangings, which used more wood than the earlier styles. 

 I think what made each of these instruments so inspiring is that they have very little extra ornamentation. This lack of extra frill actually makes me think more about the sound that they would make. I also love the use of natural materials and the way each almost looks like a part of the body - a bone, a muscle - it looks like they are almost an extension of the body; which is fitting for an instrument, don't you think?

Daily objects are a huge inspiration for me - these functional, loyal friends often have an easily-overlooked beauty that can be so rewarding to contemplate. Do you have a favorite daily object? A paper clip? A bar of soap? I'd love to know. Here are a few more of mine.