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Pattern Design

Posted: Mar 10 2015

Since many of my pattern designs are created using a single, totemic shape on repeat, it's very important to get that shape just right. Usually it begins when l see a shape in my head, and that shape will be so interesting to me that I have to sit down and work it out.

Each of the designs in the collection is carefully drawn, often over and over until it's ready. I suppose it gets a kind of tension within itself that looks alive when it becomes a part of a larger pattern, when negative space becomes it's partner. Sometimes, it happens on the first try. Other times, it takes many repetitions and iterations.

In a way, each shape has a rhythm that it fits best into, and becomes most alive in. Some like to be in a grid, others overlapping, some in rows, others love to dance.

In this photo, you can see that even a small tweak to the shapes, or the textures inside them, yields diverse results; this sketch is of just the corner of what will later become a complete shape. Even our most minimal designs are created with a lot of consideration to the details, and that consideration can most definitely be felt in the final pieces.