An Army of One

There's something I'd like to share with you about my business, and about the work that goes on here: It's almost entirely self-run. 

I've noticed that people often to think I have a much larger operation than I do. It's not true. It's just me. But, the misconception is a compliment. I do my work with love; From the the design, to the fabrication, to the website programming, to the lookbook and product styling, to the photography; it's me back there, thinking about what might work the best, where to improve, what I can do to make the best work I can...making it happen.

Truly, I'm doing this work not because of a vision of getting bigger; or reaching that pot of gold; I'm doing it because my goal as a designer is so simple; to make the most beautiful things I can. My goal in having a business, when I started, was to put down very deep roots; then grow outward. That is happening.

My heart knows that my artistic vision can grow far beyond this one studio; beyond these two hands. I hope to bring it there; but being intentional, focusing on making things here in the USA, and crafting my perspective as an artist seem equally important; and like they move on a longer arc in terms of time. 

For now, I'll say this, I'm happy being an artist. Happy with how things are going. And, most of all, I'm grateful to find an audience with people who value thoughtful, beautiful, intentional, mindfully manufactured design; people like you.


ps. Thank you Christy for inspiring this post!