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New Wall Hangings

Posted: Jan 23 2015

I'm excited to announce our latest wall hangings, and to share a few images of them here. It's been amazing to focus on something outside of, but related to textile design, and working on these has given me so many new ideas for products I would love to develop. Here are a few peeks of studio work on these new beauties.

These pieces start off in the studio with a design in my sketchbook, just made of simple shapes. After measuring and planning the layout of each style, it's time to bring it into reality with our material - so the production process begins...cutting brass, etching, sanding, and dying wood pieces. It's exciting to work on these, they're like sculptures, and seeing how the pieces interact with each other, and with gravity, is always interesting.

Finally, filing and sanding, putting the finishing touches on each wall hanging. Actually, the filing is a favorite step for me, because it's really satisfying to refine the design to the point where it's smooth and shining, then it's time to hang them up and shoot our photos, which we do right here in my workspace. 

We are already sold out of one of the styles, but there are a few left - including some of the styles in this post..You can view our whole wall hanging collection here