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From The Studio

Posted: Jul 09 2014

After a slightly extended vacation upstate with my boyfriend and family, it feels good to be back in the studio again, working on ideas that have been on my mind for a while. Last week, I mentioned that we have some fabric printing tests going on, which I hope will help us to extend our range of weights, colors and styles, moving forward. While I haven't broadly publicized it yet, we have launched a Trade Program for interior design professionals, and one of my goals in the background work we're doing is to be able to better serve interior designers, as well as our direct customers. It's really exciting for me - I have really loved being able to contribute to other designers' creative projects, and to be a part of their selections for their clients is thrilling. 

Testing is taking a while, because I'm very picky about quality and hand. For me, the softness of the fabric is a big thing - almost, if not as, important as the patterns that are on the fabric. It's very important to me that our fabrics feel livable and soft to the touch. So, sourcing the perfect linen is challenging, but, I hope, worth the wait. 

While I wait for our tests to arrive, I've been busy working on new pattern designs, and up here are a couple I like quite a bit, and they reflect many diverse current inspirations. As a pattern designer, living in New York City, which is a constant mix, at times clash, of cultures, is amazing, and never stops stirring up my creative mind. My designs reflect what I often see in front of me... so many inspiring journeys, combined to create something new, that still reflects where it came from, and of course, a feeling that someone created them with a great deal of care and detail.