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Monday Mix - Entryway

Posted: Jun 16 2014

In our apartment, the entryway sees a lot of use, but it's a space that gets overlooked, often. My boyfriend and I are usually more concerned with coming and going through it than we are with spending time in it. Over the weekend, I started thinking that of ways to improve our entryway, to help give us a warmer welcome, and a heartier send-off, and, happily, it made a perfect Monday Mix!

The entryway is a place that really needs to function. Space for shoes (we always take ours off in the house), places for winter things like gloves and jackets, a space to put on and remove your wellies - (for me, taking off my wellies is a full body workout). But, it also serves an emotional function...it's a symbol of what kind of house lies beyond, in so many ways.

I put together this feelboard with a few ideas of how things could come together, around the colorway of our Pica cushions, which I love for their warm color, eye-catching texture, and long shape that works great on benches. Gestural/natural artwork to ease the mood and flow, a basket or two for our accessories...and not to be forgotten, a forgiving rug, since many shoes are being put on/removed in that area round out the look.

I'm toying with the idea of an exposed coat rack (I love the traditional accordion wall racks for their graphic, minimalist functionality!) but, maybe just for scarves and wraps. Lastly, I love the idea of a very, very light scent for this space - something to signal, "you are home"...eucalyptus or sandalwood, but very light, come to mind.

What are your thoughts on creating Entryway Magic? Are there solutions you've found that look great, but also help you feel more at home, or more ready to head out to your adventures?

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