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Five for Friday: Recipes!

Posted: Jun 13 2014

photo via heatherchristo.com

Have you ever heard someone say "I work so I can live"? When it comes to cooking, I "cook so I can eat". While blockprinting and design are my milieu, cooking takes a patience I find hard to harness, especially when hungry! Luckily, my boyfriend truly loves to cook, so, for the past seven years, he has been, in his own words, making food that "keeps body and soul together". Recently, however, certain recipes have been catching my eye...so, I thought I'd do a recipe edition for this week's Five For Friday... bon appetit!

• Ever since I saw this frittata I've been thinking maybe I should give cooking another try...
• My Mom and boyfriend are making Dandelion Wine this year...Maybe I could try Dandelion Fritters?
• I know, I'm a week late with the Donut Day thing but, every day is donut day when you're an Apple Cider Donut
Macarons are so stylish. But I'd rather have a lowly Macaroon any day. Actually, I'm currently obsessed with macaroons. This is not an exaggeration. Which one do you prefer? 
This is what I beg Kurt to bring to parties every time. A boring name for something amazingly yummy.

So, those are my potential recipes to try...what are yours? Any easy recipes to share? Emphasis on easy! Feel free to recommend, or share a link and if I make it, I promise come back and share my results!


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