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Monday Mix - Park Life

Posted: Jun 09 2014


A little walk down memory lane for Monday Mix today... The first time I came to NYC to seriously consider moving here, I had two interviews scheduled at two corporate design agencies. It was going to be a really long day, and I got up very early to take the train from Boston and catch my first interview at 10:30 on Madison Ave. My second interview didn't happen until 4 PM and so, there was going to be time in between, and I planned to explore the city a little.

I hadn't anticipated how tired I'd be after the train ride, and the first interview (which was nervewracking!) and so I decided "explore the city" would mean, "go to Central Park, find a sunny spot, and after wolfing down a panini, take an epic catnap."

Anyway, I ended up spending several hours passed out in the park, and I have always had a particular fondness for that same spot... right near the duck pond, tucked away from the avenue, under the shade of a sheltering elm. I had to laugh when I showed up at the second interview because I think I may have still had grass clinging to my jacket.

Fast forward 8 or 9 years, and now I can still go there, lying on my favorite throw, doodling in my sketchbook, or napping with my hat over my eyes...wondering what else the day has in store. Times have changed, but the best parts stay the same. And I still have grass clinging to my jacket...often! X S

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pps - if you like this throw, I am *pretty* sure it's going to be part of a #giveaway soon - so stay tuned!