Monday Mix - Relaxed Fit

Posted: Jun 02 2014

After a pretty lazy weekend - apartment and beach, I thought I'd do a Monday Mix about relaxing,...I'll admit, I'm what my boyfriend calls, "an anxious sort". Prone to stress, often a bit nervous about one thing or another. Sometimes, I can't believe how thoroughly stress can affect my quality of life. After a couple of bouts with some nebulous health issues a while back, I made a serious commitment to tone my stress level down, and to put my peace of mind first.
Actually, that focus on comfort and ease is one of the key inspirations behind all of my designs - especially our Myriad Cushions (seen above in this Monday Mix), which have an exceedingly delicate pattern. Actually, our Myriad style is one of the best sellers, which surprised me because it's so understated - but, maybe people are drawn to it because it's so gentle-looking...believe it or not, before it was launched, I almost wondered if there was not enough to it!
As a city dweller, If I can't be out in nature, having a comfortable interior space helps me to ease from a stressed out frame of mind into a calmer mode. Softer colors, natural materials, and casual forms, along with a lovely scent that reorients my mind to the here and like a charm!
Do you have a space to relax in? What are are your go-to de-stressors? As an "anxious sort", I'd love to know!
For a full list of these Oasis Ingredients, click through the image above.