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Five For Friday

Posted: May 23 2014

When I think back, it seems like the year just started - launching a textile collection makes time speed up, it seems! Yet it's almost summer, and time to start the season up at the Lake, with my family - I can't wait to get on the road tomorrow morning. In the meantime, a little Five for Friday and a craveable spaceRight now I'm loving anything warm and textural - along with unexpected art elements, these warm colors, materials and curving lines certainly bring a comforting vibe to this space.

1. Space, the final frontier? Finally added an interiors board to my pinterest. The photo above is from instagram!
2. If you love pattern and textiles, this collection is not to be missed...
3. A really great interview on Madesmith by a favorite new designer 
4. Is Townhouse Worship a religion? Consider me converted.
5. This - Oh Buddha, you have such a way with words.