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Soft Contrast

Posted: Apr 24 2014

Are you finding yourself drawn to ...megalithic sofas lately? I am. Big time. Lately, I'm loving styles that have almost no formal elements, sacrificing refined shape for a more natural space to sink into. It's a kind of undesigned design that really sits well with me! These new shapes can be really tough to integrate into a space without feeling like there is an elephant in the room, so today after giving it some thought, I wanted to post a few ideas on how to lighten the look while calling attention to the sculptural presence of this style of seating.

1: Baxter creates gorgeous sofas in this style..like an outcropping of comfort! I'd love this one in a buttery warm leather.
2: Functional Form: Flowing lines and light shapes in other furnishings contrast bulk (this chair also comes in copper!)
3: Light Magic - lighting ties it together - loving the elegant weight of this concrete and brass lamp by Emissary at Clayton Gray.
4: Refine - textured linen and reductionist, yet intricate pattern of our Triad Cushion refines with detail.
5: At Play - A light, wirey charcoal sketch further lightens with swooping lines full of air and gesture.
6. Floor It - Gold touches float off the grid to lift the floor in this rug from Marc Phillips. (Their whole collection is gorgeous.)
7: Reflect - The mirrored elipses on this gorgeous, sculptural table help to add grace and space.

What do you think about this new style of sofa? Is it something you'd try? I'd love to know.