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Artist: Hanna Eschel

Posted: Apr 14 2014

I turn 39 this year. The year after that, I will turn 40. And then...I'll get even older. As I age, I think more often about the focus on youth in our culture, especially in the aesthetic world / market where the words "Emerging" and "Young" are often used interchangeably. The thing we ignore is, people never stop emerging. You never stop. In fact, artists never really age, and maybe, never really had an age to begin with.

This weekend I learned a little about a sculptor named Hannah Eschel, in T magazine (Page 119), and wanted to share her work and a little about her, with you, here. 

This woman is a lifelong artist. She works in elemental materials such as marble, burlap, and pigment. Today, she is in her late 80s and works mainly in drawings. Seeing images of her loft, where she lived and worked for many years, was what piqued my interest. The sculptures in her space look like old friends. They look like they live there. 

Maybe the compelling draw of Hanna Eschel's work is a function of the freedom to create, on a long term. At times -- for long spans of time-- from what the T article said, this artist created alone, unknown. Within herself. For herself. There was reason enough. Plenty of good reasons. Just because it is not public does not mean it lacks power, or is not worth undertaking.

Lately, her work has acquired quite a following. I read on Sight Unseen (who also wrote a great article about her on 1st Dibs) that it's the latest hipster thing. Anyway, something in the forms is just plain powerful, whether you're hip or not. As a side note, I always believed that hip is an illusion. Just be yourself. That's pretty much it right there.

Well, on that note, I hope you enjoy your Monday (and just in case, your week if I don't get back to post!)
Below are three links to good reads about this interesting, inspiring, working, emerging, artist. I hope you find them inspiring and thought-provoking.

Photos via Sight Unseen, 1st Dibs
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