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The Slow Motion

Posted: Apr 02 2014

Here's a question. How fast do you go? What I mean when I ask that is, what is your natural speed, as a person?

I've been asking myself this a lot lately. The reason it keeps coming to mind is that sometimes, I feel pressure to go faster. The thing is... I'm just not a fast person. I'm a slow person. I'm a focused person. When I'm doing something, it has my total attention. When I design something, it takes ages. When I'm with someone, I'm with them. The phone is off. I have nothing else planned. I'm there. It makes me slower.

Well, there are parts of me that are fast. My humor is quick, my heart is quick, my emotions are quick, my smile is definitely quick. But, my pace, in general, is slow. I've tried. I've tried to go faster. But, it never quite takes hold. 

As a maker, and an entrepreneur, how does one reconcile a slower pace with making a living, with the demand for work, when things often seem to move at such a rapid pace? 

I began this venture as more of a studio model. My desire is to put down deep roots with like-minded people through creative work. To make a connection with an audience of kindred individuals. In my past business experience, things have moved very fast. And this is different. This kind of thing doesn't happen overnight. It does happen, but it happens slowly and it cannot be forced. And that's what I want to have happen. Purposeful.

The slowness, at first, was strange. But now, there are more days where it's delicious. The people I've been connecting with and reconnecting with are people I admire. There have been some new people I've learned about that have been so inspiring - so supportive, out of the blue - I am thankful and happy just knowing they are out there. I simply look forward to the future, more work, even if it all happens ever-so-slowly. 

In a way, I am grateful for this slow-motion, organic pace. It doesn't feel blindingly manic. It feels real and rich. Each achievement, each connection, each compliment, each word of support means so much. There is time to savor it, and build, build, build. Time to say, to feel, "thank you."


ps. The image up here is of layers of print on my worksurface. Unplanned, undesigned, built up over time. It seemed like a good metaphor.