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New Media

Posted: Apr 01 2014

Yesterday, on Instagram, I posted this shot of a mobile / wall hanging piece I've been working on for the next edition launch - there was a progress shot of it in my last post, here. This piece up above is meant to go in the corner of a room. It's long and narrow, and adds just the right amount of energy to spaces that can otherwise feel dark and cramped. As it hangs, it reflects and turns, and the effect is really lovely.

It's exciting to see these metal pieces coming into shape, after some time planning how they would look and feel. Metal is a new medium for me, and one I look forward to working more with as time goes on.

As a designer and as an artist, I've always been very inspired by sculpture, and by the conversations between one piece of work and another. I am really excited about putting these new pieces up and combining them with my textile work, thus far. To me, the place where fine art and decor come together is a very sweet spot, indeed. A home, to me, is a work of art that lives.  

Well, I'll leave it at that, today. Enjoy your Tuesday!