On Instagram...

Posted: Mar 07 2014

I've always viewed instagram  - and social media in general - as a sort of afterthought to my work. Make something, take a photo. Go on twitter. Tell tell tell. Make sure to feed the feed. It never felt natural.

Actually, it has always felt kind of like *having* to share on the best days, and bragging on the worst...I'm a natural introvert, I think many artists are, so I wonder if a lot of creatives feel a little like I do on the topic... Lately, personally, I've been thinking it's high time to revisit my attitude.

I realized I've just been looking at it in an uncreative way. Why not embrace instagram and other social media as a way to really share the beauty I am trying to not only to create, but to foster in my own life, and encourage for others?

This week, I paid special attention to the shots that were posted, and guess what? It took the pain out of sharing, and actually delighted me...and helped me connect with some new people and reconnect with some amazing online friends. Actually, it didn't feel like bragging at all. It began to feel more like cracking open and showing people the best I have. 

It's interesting what happens when you decide to view something in a new way. To try and see the positive in it, to try and use something more creatively. 

That being said, I'd love to connect on instagram - what's your handle? Okay, I still feel cheesy asking. But, it's a good start. Anyway, Join me here!

Also, feel free to comment below with your own thoughts on insta / social. I'd love to know what other people think about this - especially creatives. X SC