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From The Studio

Posted: Mar 03 2014

Just thought I'd pop in after a little time away. Today finds me hard at work in the studio. I thought this was a pretty snapshot of a pattern in progress. I love the scale and texture of this design! Thinking it might make a great beach throw for summer. 

For me, triangles are not only beautiful, but they have a special symbolism. I grew up in a little family of three. Mom, Dad, and me. As an "only" child, I often found myself pondering the number three. One thing I always found interesting about it is that it's such a stable number - anything with three legs can stand...easily! A triangle always has a little built-in base. It's one point up from a line, so, outside of a circle, it's the most simple shape. And yet, if you look at a triangle, it is a very dynamic shape at the same time. So full of motion and direction.

No, I did not get an A in geometry. However, I think the further I get away from school, the better I get on the subject.