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Summer Fun

Posted: Feb 26 2014

Summer is right around the corner (cross fingers, close eyes...Believe!)... At least, that is how it feels from here. I'm visiting family in Florida. Last week, I hinted about making a personal project on instagram - something to wear. It feels a little silly to be laying out an outfit and photographing it, I'll admit. It pretty much goes against who I am as a person ; ).

However....seeing as I'm totally disheveled, sand-encrusted, and truly in northerner-down-south kickback mode, I will spare you *those* gorgeous details, and just show you the scarf, my favorite denim shirt, and the lovely beaded necklace by my good friend BonBon made, which I will be wearing later on today...right after I get out of the pool...

I do hope to create more scarves in the future -this was a test run to see about length/material. So far, so good! For, me, a light scarf is an essential in the summer months, because I easily get cold, and sometimes feel too crispy in the direct sun...such a tender plant! Do you have a summer must have? Just curious. 

Enjoy your day, everyone...And if you're not feeling warm in your body, I hope you're feeling warm in your soul! X SC