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Five For Friday

Posted: Feb 21 2014

Celebrating a milestone - ok, a miniature milestone. But that still counts. The second installment of Five For Friday!

Last week, I introduced Five For Friday, a roundup of five things found over the week, in five key categories around here, Spirit, Eye, Mind, Space, and Bod. This week, the list includes inspiration to add to your social media lineup, a stylist-bloggers wise words on Alt summit, and a quote of note, among others.

I hope you all have fabulous weekends, and that you get to feel the warm sun on your beautiful faces! So, without further ado, here we go...

Spirit - More than just a pretty face... Clementine Daily's Everyday Icons series 
Eye - Inspirational social media treats this pinterest, this instagram, this blog
Mind - Wise words that go beyond blogging - Erin Hiemstra's 3 key takeaways from Alt
Space - How does your garden grow? Kinfolk illuminates Wabi and Sabi in this interesting essay
Bod - What is luxury, really? Something to ponder

I'm looking to follow some inspiring new people on social media...any accounts you recommend, feel free to comment! X SC