Neutral Love

Today I wanted to post a little tableau that showcases what neutrals can do, including one of our cushion styles, Float, and several other ideas for creating a relaxing space where there's "room to dream".

Once I heard the word "introvert" defined as someone who loves being around other people, but feels the need to recharge after the fact. I'd be a textbook introvert, if that was the case! For me, home is where I recharge, second only to a trip into the great outdoors.

I believe a home should be a space where you can not only relax, but dream. A safe haven. My own preference is for things that are more pared down, with lots of differences between each object, nothing precious, but kind of a "conversation" between elements.

1. Daybed by Forest London- such a great way to bring a relaxed cool to a space without a lot of fuss.
2. A Traditional Braided Rug - This  one is from Colonial Mills. I say it's time to give braided rugs a second look. What about you?
3. Sculptural/Functional - This table is a great way to bring sculpture to a space...underneath!
4. Comfortable Cushions - Our Float design comes in Sand, Indigo, and Chambray. I love it's soothing, dreamy mood.
5. A Little Friend - Curving lines and a playful spirit help spaces feel less gallery-cold and more warm.
6. Absorbing Art -  Zak Prekop is one of my favorite young artists working today. This piece has an elemental feel.

If you enjoyed this tableau, all of these items reside on my Pinterest account so, I hope you'll connect with me, there! Many of them are on the Nest Board. x SC