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Five For Friday

Posted: Feb 14 2014

Friday always seems to sneak up on little cat feet....Pounce! One thing I am most looking forward to doing here is sharing ideas found elsewhere. So, I thought I'd start a little tradition, at weeks' end: Five links in five categories that are key around here. Spirit, Eye, Mind, Space, and Bod. Feel free to mention any great reads you enjoyed online in comments - I'm "truly a voracious reader", as my Valentine says, and would love tips for weekend reading.

Spirit: How your soul is like a prairie: A must-read *be* section on goop #14

Eye: Behold the visual riches on this tumblr: The Gifts of Life

Mind: Totally subscibing: Verily via Lean In

Space: A studio that grew:  Pelle Design at Design-Milk

Bod: A homemade cooking show: Jenné's Sweet Potato Soul 

image found here