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Company Launch!

Posted: Feb 10 2014

Hello and welcome! Today I'm very excited to share the launch of my new company and collection, Susan Connor New York. From here on in, this blog is where I will be sharing the details of my working process, inspirations behind my designs, and news from the studio.

Our debut collection has been a long time in the making, from the first idea sketches, to picking colors and sourcing material, to designing this website, the logo, and all the elements of a new brand. Inspired by traditional textile designs mixed with a minimal, modern design sense, the first edition is all about blending comfort with detail, featuring limited edition pillows in four sizes and beautiful hand-fringed linen throw blankets.

Lastly, and most importantly, there are several people I'd like to thank for their support, friendship, and encouragement along the journey to launching this new endeavor. My boyfriend, Kurt Wildermuth, who has patiently (and adorably) seen me through the process of starting a fresh new business, from dream to reality. My parents, Brian and DeDee, who have always supported me in my creative path. My friends here in the city, and my friends beyond...your kind words, encouragement, and pure companionship mean so much to me. I am so thankful to have all of you, each of you, in my life.

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