Int'l Women's Day! Talisman Images

Happy Int'l Women's Day! It's time to celebrate with a few photos...hand picked from my little ongoing collection.

I keep certain images around for times when I feel far from my purpose, or when I feel a little weak or wobbly. Images that speak to me, that touch a primal nerve. This one up here of Sonora and her diving horse is one that I consider quite special...Can you imagine how she came to do this? Just woke up and said...Yeah, I'm going for it. It's a fantastic idea. That's how I imagine it.

I was listening to this podcast on Spirit of 608 yesterday, and the host made an interesting observation, that women, although they achieve much, often diminish themselves, not seeing their accomplishments as a big deal. 

Truly, if you don't stand up for yourself, who will? Make a big deal. Be brave, be fearless. If the risk you took doesn't work out, celebrate that you tried. Laugh. Learn. Then, as you grow stronger, you can also start lifting up others. Best thing ever. Also, good for your health.

Below are some more talisman images from a pinterest board I keep, called "Working Girls" - if you like these...I'm adding to it all the time, hope you'll follow along.

Enjoy! XO SC

Express yourself!

Modern life can be taxing...but you got this.

Tina, WOW.

Last but not least...